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tv   Reel America The Truth about Communism - 1962  CSPAN  January 3, 2024 7:11pm-8:29pm EST

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much earlier in his political career. by the late 60s, i would argue that wallace's political message was much more class- based than race-based. but it was folded into a greater set of grievances. >> the book is "the year that brought collusion in the presidential election of 1968." thank you, luke nichter . thank you, ladies and gentlemen. have a good night. if you are enjoying american history tv, sign up for the newsletter using the qr code on the screen. you will receive lectures in history, the presidency, and more. sign up for the american history tv newsletter today and be sure to watch american history tv every saturday or online at
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>> weekends on c-span2 are an intellectual feast. every saturday, american history tv documents america's story, and book tv brings you the latest nonfiction books and authors. funding for c-span2 comes from these companies and more, including buckeye broadband. the about to see w buckeye broadband to , along wi these television companies, supports c-span2 as a service. the documentary film you are about to see was shown to president of the democratic, provisional government of russia, overthrown by the government -- communists in 1917.
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he consented to make introductory remarks about our picture. we present alexander in his new york city apartment, october 10th, 1962. >> ladies and gentlemen, in a few minutes, you will see the movie and it is about the development of the communist movement throughout the world, the majority of this audience is too young to remember. the communist movement began in 1917. during the first war, in my country, in russia. i was, in this time, leader of this provisional government of russia.
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look at this film, keep in your mind that rational people were the first victims of the communist tyranny. it is now time to study the communistic movement and to understand it. not the legend created during these long years. but as for instance, what you see in this film. most of the ps
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documentary were photographed by communist cameramen was the actual events were taking place. communist narrators. some of the scenes the words of the >> most of the pictures in this documentary were filmed by cameramen as the events were taking place. communist narrators narrate the scenes. the words of the communist leaders are their own. i can mar the picture. you're hello. in the traditional motion picture story, the villains are usually defeated and the ending is a happy one.
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i can make no such promise for the picture you are about to watch, the story is not over. you, in the audience, are part of the conflict. how we meet the challenge depends on you. what has happened so far, what is happening now, it is far from encouraging. less than 50 years after the communists seized power in russia, almost 1 billion people are under their control. four out of every 10 of the world's population are oppressed. and the conspiracy that is communism, stronger and more determined than ever. it is growing in the image of its leaders. nikita khrushchev says, in this world today, there is a fierce struggle between the communists and the capitalists. in this struggle, there can be no neutrals. whether you like it or not, history is on our side. we will bury you. mao tse tung said that
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coexistence with capitalism is impossible warfare with these forces is inevitable. fidel castro says socialism, communism, is a world reality today. there is no halfway between communism and capitalism. their target is us. our institutions, and religions, our families, our children. karl marx, who developed the basic theories of communism, was a sick man most of his life. sick in body and spirit. he wants -- once said that communists will pay for my carbuncles. he saw it as stagnating, capitalism, beginning to decay and that communism would replace it. that starts with the highly industrialized nations like germany. that was just one of his many mistakes.
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actually, it took the misery, disillusionment, and slaughter of world war i to bring the first communist regime in power, not in germany, but where karl marx least expected it. russia. in 1917, europe is interning its fourth year of war. karl marx has been dead for 34 years. one of his most fanatic disciples, the bolshevik vladimir lenin is on the eastern front between germany and russia, corruption, hunger, and enormous casualties have taken their toll. rioting flares up, with people demanding bread. czar nicholas abdicates in march. his future, so we get bullets and an unmarked grave. in germany, paul von hindenburg goes across germany in a sealed freight car.
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and vladimir lenin arrives, promising land and peace, independence for non-russian peoples and a red heaven on earth. in july, he leads an uprising against the coalition government, which failed. alexander becomes the new premier. on october 7, by the old russian calendar, troops of the demoralized army and navy sees the winter palace and destroy the coalition government. alexander kerensky escapes , and lenin controls russia. the bolsheviks changed their name to communists. all opposition is ruthlessly oppressed. the dictatorship of the proletariat, the working people, which lenin and promised, is a myth. the dictatorship is that of the
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communist party, under its chairman. lenin makes a humiliating peace with germany. first, he creates a terrible weapon. the secret police battalions and then he builds a new war machine under the commissar of war, leon trotsky. lenin makes it clear that his brand of communism requires an absolute dictatorship. gregory, soon to become president of the communist international, predicts the future developments of the world revolution will proceed at the same pace as the march of the red army. lenin prophesies communism side-by-side with capitalism for a long time is unthinkable. one of the other must triumph in the end. and before that and that comes, a series of fretful collisions between soviet union and capitalist states will be inevitable. by the summer of 1922, lenin suffered a stroke. russia, in
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catastrophe. private property, abolished. farmland, follow. when, under the direction of herbert hoover on the left, $60 million worth of food from the united states arrives to feed the starving russian peasants. and the return to limited free enterprise by lenin saves the state. in the background, the shadowy new secretary of the communist party, joseph stalin, is still relatively unknown. 1924, vladimir lenin, who vowed to destroy the free world is dead. and a sorted struggle for power begins. the triumvirate and stalin, on his way to a health resort,
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with a funeral taking place on saturday. you will not be able to return on time. the bureau thinks that because of the state of your health, you must proceed. the funeral actually takes place on sunday. trotsky proceeds and stalin proceeds to power. he stops key positions with his henchmen. he believes himself of his opposition, trotsky, who is exiled. then, with his family, to turkey, and finally to mexico. his son is later to be poisoned by the soviet secret police. it is apparent that communists require an absolute dictatorship to survive. the dictator, joseph stalin, builds a cult of personality unrivaled by anyone in history except adolf hitler.
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stalin creates an image of himself as a demigod. love watching. the proceedings are stalin's a unman of the people, the sour of all goodness, all with -- wisdom. watching are his underlings. g. communism's most stalin is pictured as lenin's closest disciple. the revolution's greatest general. communism's most profound thinker. the great educator. the communist narrator says -- >> laws discovered and
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substantiated by joseph stalin. spent a hero for children and others to worship. stalin is very much aware of one of communism's primary objectives, to capture the minds and the hearts of the young. now, he gives great attention to the young communist lead, linking every step in the training and education of youth to the class struggle. the victory over the non- communist people of the earth. now the world begins to learn the truth. family ties are discouraged. the state is supreme. religion is the opiate of the people and religious satires are staged throughout the soviet union. atheism continues to be the official state doctrine. communism instructs its people, never forget the clergy are the greatest enemies of the soviet state.
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if you are not a convinced atheist, you cannot be a good communist and soviet system. atheism is inseparable from communism. both of these ideals form the foundation of soviet power. teachers find that 40% of their courses are made up of the doctrinal studies. children must be taught to hate their parents. for sons of the new class, military training begins early. communism believes that it's struggle to win the world will be a violent one. but.
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in 1928, stalin puts trotsky's five year industrialization plan into effect as his own initiates a series of so-called judicial trials that will last for ten years, in 1928, stalin puts the five- year industrialization plan in effect as his own. he initiates so-called judicial trials that will last for 10 years, providing scapegoats for his many failures and he begins the forced collectivization of agriculture. the independent farmer is declared an enemy of the state. entire villages are uprooted. 6 million farmers are liquidated. 25 million farms, erased. the most violent upheaval in history as stalin forces the
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entire peasant population into huge collectives. production a, as in lenin's starvation is the diet. communism. food production declines, once again as in lenin 's time, starvation is the diet of communism. freight cars are used for housing. stalin makes slavery an essential part of the communist economy. farmers, religious leaders, and inconvenient minorities, stalin establishes a secret police force and slave labor camps are set up all over the soviet union. 125 camps, 10 million slaves.
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on the backs of his slaves, stalin builds an industrial russia geared for conflict with the west. 1934, stalin plots to liquidate his opposition within the party. he confides to his friends to choose the victim. to repair the blow with care, and to satisfy with implacable vengeance, then go to bed. there is nothing sweeter in the world. on the right is sergei. the assassination is used as the excuse for the great purges that claimed thousands of lives. the first to go, lenin's closest associates. roddick, executed. the attic of -- trotsky comments from mexico -- >> there is nothing more
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terrible than the multiple trials of the communist. that is my political task. hide the accusers. the creation of an american, european, and subsequent all- international commission of intrigue, compose the people who enjoy authority. >> trotsky's future? assassination. in the kremlin, the planned murders continue. the cream of the officer corps, condemned and shot within 48 hours. literary giant gorky dies under mysterious circumstances.
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one of those benefiting the most is nikita khrushchev, first secretary of the moscow party organization. he proclaims, they, they have raised their criminal hands against stalin. he leads us victoriously toward communism, our own stalin. apparently based on the reform project, the stalin constitution of 1936 provides for universal sub ridge and direct election. in theory, the legislative branch of the soviet government. in practice, it is a rubberstamp sharing session -- cheering section for stalin. in russia, there are only those candidates nominated by the communist party. minister of war, and minister of foreign affairs, by himself, nikita khrushchev.
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everyone, everywhere, is ordered to vote. they involve the loss,, loss of social position or imprisonment in a slave labor camp. the penalty for failure to vote is severe. loss of work, loss of social position, and imprisonment in a slave labor camp. supposedly, 99% of the people cast their ballots for the one- party ticket. stalin proclaims that socialism has become achieved that met been achieved in the ussr. workers are forbidden to strike.
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by 1939, through the tactic of united and popular agriculture t is finally collectivized. by 1939, through the tactics of the united and popular fronts, they can -- the communist conspiracy is realized. it insinuates its way into american minds. through the communist international, based in moscow, stalin controls the activities of communists everywhere. he establishes a network of spies to steal, for communist misuse, the fruit produced under freemen. communists in paris maneuvered their way into the french government. the reds are able to gain many converts, posing as fascists. in china, mao tse tung is firmly
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established in the north and awaits his opportunity to take over the whole country. in moscow, instead of the withering away of the state promised by karl marx, the state has become a monster, wholly dependent on the red army and secret police. despite the 20-odd years of soviet brutality, the exact -- objectives of the communist manifesto have not occurred. stalin waits for a chance to spill communist over the borders of the soviet union. his opportunity comes with the rise of a rival tyranny ingermany. in early 1939, the british and french negotiated in moscow for a neutral defense pact against hitler. stalin instructed his subordinates, words have no relation to action, words are one thing, actions are another. words are a mask for
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concealment of bad deeds and sincere diplomacy is no more possible than dry water or a wooden iron. as the fruitless talks continue, the foreign minister arouse that arrives in moscow to discuss a nonaggression pact between hitler and stalin. on august 23rd, 1939, hitler is free to strike and so is stalin. september 1st, germany attacks poland. two days later, britaind france declare war but are powerless to help the gallup polls. they comes quickly, but not before the red army has inva two days later , britain and france declared war but they are powerless to help the gallant polish people. the red army has invaded from
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the east. communism has, at last, advanced outside of the soviet union and quickly provides the world a glimpse of its tactics. tens of thousands of prisoners are deported to slavery in siberia. the red propaganda mission goes to work. >> [ speaking in a non-english language ] busy in >> secretary of the ukrainian socialist party, khrushchev, takes over. in the forest, some 10,000 polish officers and intellectual leaders are slaughtered and buried in mass
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graves. the atrocities in our film are not pleasant. but the world must be reminded again and again of the hidden humanity that was communism and that was not shiism. after years of vicious attacks on hitler, stalin now declares it cannot be denied that it was france and britain that attacked germany, thus assuming responsibility for the present war. and molotov is a frequent visitor to berlin. the clearing, it is criminal to wage a war against hitler camouflaged as a fight for democracy. taking advantage of the package with hitler, russia begins systematic attacks. finland is invaded november 30th, 1939. forces. the karelian isthmus to the at first, the heroic finish army
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repulsed the red army. but lately, greatly outnumbered, finish forces lose. 400,000 refugees, fleeing their homes, moving their possessions by every possible means. opense border to red troops. next, the baltic states. nonaggression pact notwithstanding, the russian ultimatum opens the border to red troops. from. moscow comes and revision ski to a puppet government with august hordes of so-called technicians, in reality trained in moscow agents. they appoint a puppet government with a prime minister. banners and signs, prepared by
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subversives, demand the admittance of latvia into the soviet union. the formal request is made, there are no opposing votes. mac with stalin or khrushchev, back in latvia, behind the parades and banners, oppression. the communists have a technique for subversion outline for every nation, every class, every type of political situation. here is a blueprint. first, the propaganda machine goes into action. businesses nal assets become the property of the state.
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business is nationalized. all assets become the property of the state. dollars down to ithe last of the nuts and bolts. this woman worked a lifetime to save 4000 latvian dollars, but 3000 of them are now property of the party. so is one month's pay from every worker. time is taken out to sign the pledges. farmers must join collectives in order to survive. the jails are opened, allegedly for political prisoners. but convicted felons become the
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new police force. the translation? criminal album. 11 sentences for felony, released from prison to become inspector of police. professional thief, serving three years and six months, made chief of the red guard. a felon serving three years and six months moves up to prefect of the second district police. burglar, serving two years, one month, promoted to chief of police. thief, serving two years, one month, the new chief of police. the new constitution from moscow guarantees freedom from unreasonable arrest. previously-respected citizens, herded into trains and deported
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to slave labor camps. parents are persecuted. great care and attention is immediately focused on the children. a red scarf of communist believe is supposed to give the child control over the world. the true meaning of the red scarf of communism is evidenced by this list of 78 latvians from all walks of life. the notation says, politically unreliable. shoot them to death. there are no trials. no appeals. a mass grave in the courtyard of the jail. educators, doctors, students, laborers, are all executed. it is the same sad story in the east ona and lithuania. molotov says, the nonsensical talk about the soviet ties asian
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is only to be interest of our enemies. communist imperialism marches on. in eastern romania, khrushchev and commissar of defense supervise the red takeover. tis officers of the axis powers. it begins to look as if stalin, hitler will divide the may 1st, 1941, in red square, officers of the axis powers are entertained. it begins to look like stalin and hitler will divide the world. frustrated by his inability to conquer england, not trusting stalin, hitler turns his forces on the soviet union. because stalin had failed to provoke the germans, he ignored
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warnings of the buildup on the border. caught by surprise and lacking the will to fight, the soviet army is in peril. stalin appeals to the west for aid. weeks later, he justifies his pact with hitler to the russian people in this way. >> [ speaking in a non-english language ] should extent my rout scampering after obstacle over the thermal. and a well to me yes so usually will >> [ speaking in a non-english language ] bit.
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it a little better you say it to see whether it. but in these early days of the war many russians are confused to exactly who the fiends and cannibals are. >> in these early days of the war, many russians are confused as to who the themes -- thieves are. incredible barbarism of the nazi occupa in village after village, the germans are welcomed as liberators, freeing the victims from the communists. then comes the incredible barbarism of the occupation.
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some people have difficulty drawing a parallel between the brutality of nazism and the brutality of communism. but the victims had no such difficulty. these atrocities and stalin's appeal to nationalism, rather than communism, gives the soviets a reason to assist. aided by some $11 million worth of material from the united states. stalin signed treaties n strength. first with the polish government in exile by general sikorski. stalin signs treaties to gain strength, virtues -- first with the polish government in exile, by the general. and then with the
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czechoslovakian government in exile, and the presence of their president, these are just two of more than 200 international agreements that the communists sign and break. the duke of windsor of great britain is watching. he takes charge of those on russian soil. general assumes command. as the war continues, stalin becomes uncle joe, the faithful ally. with a straight face, he signs a summit agreement that states, we look to the day when all people may live free lives, according to their varying desires and their own consciousness. he has already established the luke lyddon committee, dedicated to soviet diplomacy. words are one thing, actions are another. rom
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where polish resistance have risen in rebellion aga communist leaders fight against freedom, in 1944, they unaccountably halt the advance from warsaw. rebellion has risen against the nazi occupation. the red army stands by, waiting for the future leaders of a free poland, 200,000 of them, to be massacred. and only then do the reds move in. stalin takes advantage of te change in the tide of war to satisfy his vengeance on seven of his minority nations was
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members may have been disloyal to him. he directs a mass stalin takes advantage of the change in the tide of the war to satisfy his vegans on seven minority nations whose members may have been disloyal to him. he directs a mass genocide, resulting in over 11 million victims. for example, these are a proud and ancient people who were obliterated, their very existence, denied by the soviet union. when the war ends, the communists occupy all of eastern europe and one third of germany, stalin means to hold his gains. all red occupied territories are ruthlessly plundered. after six months of red liberation, 5000 factories are stripped of machinery for removal to russia. the truth behind khrushchev's statement, we categorically resist all that rests on loot,
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violence, and occupation. stalin again signs treaties, this time with a chinese nationalist representative. di. meanwhile, as this scene stis being enacte stalin is secretly supporting the communist leader, mouth a tongue. soviet diplomacy. meanwhile, special united states ambassador george c marshall attempts to restore peace in china. he negotiates a truce between the representatives, represented by the general, and the communist guerrillas. all paper promises as the reds gained valuable time to strengthen forces. when marshall leaves, they resume the war on a vastly larger scale. by the end of 1949, china falls
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to the reds. another 700 million people, under communist controlled -- control. lenin once said, we shall reach paris by way of peking. 1945 to 1949, lenin has been beating the propaganda drums. but his true instructions are the disarmament policy of the soviet government must be utilized for supporting the only way toward abolition of war. arming the communists, overthrowing the capitalists, and establishing the communist dictatorship. the policy of a protected back met protracted conflict, there are about 2 million internal security police. no one punishes lenin as he consolidates controlled by pairing up previous treaties and signing new ones with his puppets. pete.
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yugoslavia's romania, east germany, and yugoslavia. albania. war. bulgaria's in most communist parades and rallies, it is not unusual for the dove of peace to go hand-in- hand with the realities of war. bulgaria, formally entering as a communist international. poland. hungary, speaking of soviet generosity, without the unremitting kindness of the soviet union, the hungarian popular democracy, and i may add, all other popular democracies, would never have
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been created. czechoslovakia. a czechoslovakian story, a good example of subversion in action. after seven years of work time exile, he is unanimously elected president of the second check us that castle. they proceed to split and then direct the opposition. they emerge as a leading party under the premier, and they have a meeting of the general federation of labor. the reds infiltrate the trade unions. they denounce the anti- communist members of his cabinet. chairman of the general confederation of labor demands a general strike. the delegates vote. two committee members have the courage to abstain.
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work stops. freedom as spanish is forced to accept the resignation of the last anti-communist in the cabinet. and then he too czechoslovakia is paralyzed. freedom dies, and then the last anti-communist in the cabinet resigns. foreign minister, a great patriot, still has illusions. >> the so-called little people, i personally and proudly claim membership in the citizenry. come along with us, join us. let us make suggestions together. let's insist on being heard. actions are bound to follow. truth shall conquer if we give
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it half a chance. >> two weeks after the takeover of czechoslovakia, he is dead. he allegedly, a suicide. he also thought he could do business with the communist, and dies soon afterward. to divert attention from his next move, stalin orders violence. and columbia -- colombia's most popular political leader is murdered. within 24 hours, 20,000 are dead, 136 buildings, destroyed. the result of communist-incited riots. unexpectedly, stalin blocks allied access routes to berlin. a flood of refugees flooding from communism embarrasses him. he puts aside, conveniently,
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his solemn promise during world war ii. this time, the united states stands firm. thousands of tons of food and supplies are flown into berlin every day. stalin is made aware that interference means war. he backs down. the roads are reopened. mao tse tung arrives in moscow to participate in stalin's 70th birthday symbol abrasion that celebration. it poses an ever more obvious threat. a communist narrator translates. >> translator: fight the war mocker warmonger, and the grade states, china and the soviet union, and takes to the international policy of stalin. >> in that present him our leaders and representatives of
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the public and the communist workers party abroad. >> khrushchev proclaims stalin the father of the national alliance. great collective eyes are, and creator of soviet culture, careful gardener, rendering the human beings in his charge. nikolai makes the introductory speech, to his left of the first secretary of the secretary committee, and stalin's ministry back met minister of interior and state security. next to stalin, mao tse tung, and the deputy prime minister of east germany, and in a place of prominence, nikita khrushchev. in preparation for his next move, stalin steps up the
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clamor for peace. a rash of peace demonstrations breaks out. this is one of them. the communist narrator says -- >> translator: the german youth demonstrate in defense of peace against the re-militarization of western germany. the german youth is greeted by the youth festival, represent 101 countries. among those marching are champions from western germany, who managed to get through the pulleys. 2 million persons take place. there is a youth meeting on the square. the speech is made by the deputy prime minister of the german democratic republic. >> youth everywhere are brainwashed. >> [ speaking in a non-english language ] narrators.
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the artists various provocateurs in aspirations to mayakovsky's verse is america. >> communist narrators continue. >> translator: these illustrations are about the verses of america. to reveal the real nature of present-day america. the brutalities committed. these illustrations are from artists. >> a carnival fills the streets until the early hours of the morning. the people condemn the warmongers, enemies of democracy. >> in communist north korea, a nightmare of national brainwashing is taking place. spent the supervisors work with a group of writers, translating
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the classics of russian literature and books on the soviet union. among the first books earmarked for publication in the korean language is a biography of generalissimo stalin. >> in moscow, north korean leaders observe soviet techniques. the korean people are unimpressed. tens of thousands flee to the democratic south. korea becomes the germany of the east. stalin decides to do what he did not bear in germany, take control of the divided country by force. june 25th, 1950, the north koreans launch a surprise attack. but once again, united s stands firm. stalin miscalc their advance is spearheaded by
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russian tanks. but once again, the united states stands firm. stalin miscalculated. the cold war becomes a hot war. american troops, later supported forces from the united nations, hold and then route the north koreans. mao tse tung forces 1 million so-called volunteers into the fight. agreement, after three years of conflict, is reached. american lieutenant william j harrison signs for the united nations. the cost to the united states for stopping the red aggression, 135,000 casualties and $20 billion. these are american soldiers, some of the 10,000 prisoners of war senselessly slaughtered by barbara stick communism. korea.
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the kremlin, stalin's hot or cold, is stymied. he need scapegoats, his failures. on august 12th, 1952, 400 jewish artists, actors and writers are murdered. next, leading jewish doctors are accused of a plot to poison the soviet leadership and working for foreign intelligence. stalin tells ignazio that then minister of state security, if you do not obtain confessions from, the doctors, we will shorten you a head. stalin instructs, be beat. and once again. caught in the frenzy of his purge. stalin now plans to liquidate his entire inner circle. malenkov beria mikoyan and thousands more are threatened. but before the murders can begin. stalin dies of a stroke. the end of a tyrant at.
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the beer. the beginnings of a struggle for power reminiscent of the death of lenin. again a triumvirate the heirs apparent are molotov. beria and malenkov, who now becomes premier. khrushchev is in the background, waiting within the new rulers are shaken by the popular uprising against dictatorship. east berlin, june 17, 1953. the signs says we want freedom. it starts with workers demonstrating against intolerable conditions and spreads rapidly until people of all classes are demanding and an end to the communist regime. part of the iron curtain is torn up.
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and. the red flag is hauled down over the brandenburg. and. the red army intervenes and. sticks and stones prove useless against soviet tanks for east berlin. after 30 years of nazi ism and eight years of communism, one glorious day of freedom a red flag goes up for secret police. beria berlin sounds a death knell. khrushchev finally sees the to split the triumvirate and take over barriers police power among
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charges barriers accused of treason. his failure to foresee the uprising and is arrested. khrushchev says it has now been established that. this villain had climbed up the government over an untold number of corpses. beria is executed now as secretary general. the party khrushchev follows in the footsteps of his predecessors the opposition premier malenkov on khrushchev's right is disgraced and forced to resign is successor nikolai boogeyman here with marshal zhukov as a khrushchev puppet, and khrushchev soon succeeds him molotov, has banished khrushchev staff's key posts, but his own followers then in a maneuver that astounds the world. apparently in order to conceal the truth of his connection with the shameful past. khrushchev turns his attention to the overpowering image of stalin. this is the 20th party congress where khrushchev delivers. his secret de-stalinization speech. comrades, the cult of the individual will acquired such monstrous size because stalin
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himself supported glorification of his own person. was it without his knowledge that stalin were erected throughout the country. these memorials to the living? was it without stalin's knowledge that many of the largest enterprises named after him. that many of the largest towns were after him? the communists narrator continues. the inhabitants of ghana, now known as stalin's voice, their warm affection and loyalty to the great stalin and the soviet union. khrushchev continues. and when stalin asserts that he himself wrote the short of the history of the all union communist party, the work created by our group into a book written by stalin. this calls at least four amazement. his short biography is an expression of the most dissolute flattery. we need not give here examples of the loathsome adulation filling this book. they were all approved and edited by stalin personally.
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khrushchev continues. stalin knew the country and agriculture only from films that dressed up and beautified existing situation and pictured collective farm life at the tables were bending from the weight of and geese evidently stalin believed it was so the power in the hands of stalin led to serious consequences during the war to his leadership were dedicated literary works and paintings full fantasy. when we look at many of our novels, films and historical scientific, they make us feel sick. khrushchev continuing all the more monstrous are the acts whose initiator was stalin. we to the mass deportation of whole nations. the colonic autonomous republic, the karachi, the in english, the avoided meeting this fate only because there were too many of them, and there was no place to which to deport them. thus spoke khrushchev.
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he avoids mentioning the -- in whose persecution he himself is deeply involved and budapest is still become october 1956. budapest hungary. the hungarian writers is attacking the communist government for freedom, distorting the truth, exploiting labor and abusing the farmers students by tens of thousands denounce the soviet occupation. they ripped the hammer and sickle their flank. they demand democracy, freedom of opinion and expression. freedom. the press and radio general elections with a secret ballot. and a a march to the budapest
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radio station to make their program known to the world. the student leaders are arrested. the crowd demands their freedom. now, the avio, the communist police opens fire. the first blood is drawn. the world has a new set of heroes the freedom fighters who rally during the night and win the support of the hungarian and the local police. within 48 hours, soviet troops enter budapest. the hungarians have a message for. them russians go home. molotov cocktails, a homemade explosive emphasized is the message.
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eventually, soviets are forced to lift the siege, the kilian barracks, where a hastily organized defense under colonel paul military's withstood a violent assault and. the avio. the secret were barricaded themselves in the communist party building or taken prisoners. political prisoners are freed. one of them, cardinal, said he has been a captive for eight
8:10 pm
years. russians go home. radio moscow broadcasts. the soviet government is prepared to revise its policy of troops in poland, hungary and romania. the red forces. soviet officials and their families start to evacuate the city. for the moment, hungary is free. for the moment. the stalin statue, the symbol
8:11 pm
tyranny is brought down. in and reads freedom. garry and radio. the free press. soldiers and freedom fighters. janos havel, one of the citizen heroes to emerge from the revolution. militar now the hungarian commander in budapest, and kildee, the minister of state, are invited to soviet headquarters to discuss the final withdrawal of soviet troops. it is a trap mao letter never.
8:12 pm
on the morning of november, soviet bombers attacked the city, a signal for an all out assault by red army. says khrushchev. you think the communist system can be maintained only with the help of our armed forces? would not fight for such a system. the communist system must be based the will of the people. and if the people not wish this system, let them the way of life they think best. but in hungary, as elsewhere words are one thing. actions another as the devastation continues, the hungarian radio pleads. people of the world listen. and come to our aid. not with declarations, but with. your turn will. come also if we perish. listen to our cry and act. extend us your fraternal aid. may god be with you then. silence. the aftermath.
8:13 pm
death and. and again. the inevitable refugees from communist tyranny. premier janos kadar arrives in moscow for instructions from premier bulgarian khrushchev states. comrade janos qadar is truly, above all, a revolution nery who is thoroughly dedicated to his cause. he is a loyal communist who stands international marxist, leninist positions, who does not shun questions of struggle. it is again that communism requires a dictator ship to survive with the blood scarcely off the budapest streets. khrushchev begins to build his own image. he is a man of the people. a smiling, good natured peasant peasant. he is a man of the world. interested people and problems everywhere. he meets with sukarno of indonesia, with mao tung, and
8:14 pm
with castro. khrushchev, a peaceful man who sponsors peace throughout the world. the communist narrator. the international stalin prize for the promotion of peace among nations is presented to the human power at. the corners gilliatt and khrushchev organizes movements for the abolition of atomic weapons. the truth. something else. the world that khrushchev's brand of communism no different than lenin's or stalin's. he breaks a solemn for no further testing and some 40 nuclear explosions, detonating a multiple megaton hydrogen bomb. the most awesome manmade explosion in history, apparently to frighten the world preaching disarmament on his own. he maintains the largest standing army on earth, a constant threat to, peace, an
8:15 pm
ever present instrument of blackmail, says his minister of, war rodion malinowski. glory to the communist party of the soviet union, which has inspired and, organized all our victories working for world peace. the soviet state shows. its ceaseless concern for the army, which has been called upon to stand over the games of the revolution. a peaceful man is dutifully following lenin's advice. every peace program is a deception of the people and a hypocrisy. unless its principal object is to support, aid and develop the revolutionary struggle. a good natured peasant admonishes. if anyone believes that our smiles, abandonment of the teachings of, marx, engels and lenin, it seems himself fully. those who wait for, that must wait until the shrimp learns to. the man of the restores. the league of militant gardeners and pounds to universal of ap ism.
8:16 pm
he points out communism has not changed its attitude toward religion in this church, 14 year olds are forced to replace their communion with a youth of which swears allegiance to the communist state. and these third grade students are being sworn into the communist young pioneer organization. the children take the oath and to the question, are you prepared to give us your entire strength to work toward the noble goal of communism. khrushchev the youth program important it on a worldwide basis. identifying communism with the future this world youth. just another instrument of communist is taking place in vienna. the theme is always peace. a communist.
8:17 pm
propaganda is big business for the soviet union. khrushchev's excuse our enemies spend vast sums subversive activities against socialist. the truth is the soviet union is paying. $2 billion a year for their propaganda employ. about 500,000 people. moscow approximately $2 per free man to be subject to as against $0.02 per person allocated to world propaganda by the free countries combined. the soviet effort is roughly hundred times as great as that of all the rest of the world. the money to pay for this fantastic propaganda machine comes from the masses under the communist yoke who work for absurdly low wages to enable their masters not only to dominate them. the better, but to also deceive successfully the masses in free countries. the importance of propaganda to the success of communism was emphasized by lenin when he
8:18 pm
instructed every must be made the greatest, must be overcome, in order to carry on agitation and propaganda systematically. persevere knowingly. persistently and patiently. while believes he can win the world, his policy of peaceful coexistence in china, where the communist tyranny is the same, the communist objective the same. the destruction of, the dignity of man, the same. mao che tung's conception of achieving communist goal is different again. and again, he says. war with the west is inevitable. it is desire trouble. meanwhile, in china as everywhere else communism produces, waste, squalor, misery and death. thousands. challenge the terror of the secret police to flee into british hong kong. for. from the day mao takes power. countries along the chinese frontier are scenes of constant warfare.
8:19 pm
communism feeds on its neighbors. in french indochina into their native desire for freedom is perverted into a war of communist imperialism imperialism. geneva, 1954 read china's cho enlai and french premier méndez, france sign an armistice that surrenders the northern of vietnam. 12 million people to a long time. ho chi minh, like germany and indochina, is now half slave, half free. the french hanoi, according to the armistice terms. and with go the inevitable refugees, 1 million of them fleeing to the south, where a constitutional government is being.
8:20 pm
the communists over north vietnam and red guerillas continue the war against the south, demonstrating once again that with communists everywhere. words are one thing. actions in other red chinese invade and subjugate tibet. at the first opportunity, the dalai lama, the spiritual leader of tibet to india, where bloody riots are incited by communists as red troops assert constant pressure along the india chinese frontiers. meanwhile, the red chinese pose as friends and protectors of new such as nepal. and old nations such as albania. and, seek to extend communist influence. latin america. here in peking, communist delegates from different latin american countries meet their
8:21 pm
hosts. mao tse tung and cho in line. their most important success occurs in cuba, only 90 miles from the united states, a brutal dictatorship under fidel has imposed the yoke of marxism on the cubans. another 7 million people are trapped behind the curtain and in moscow yuri gagarin, soviet cosmonaut speaks of the peaceful foreign policy the soviet government hands off revolutionary cuba, the nationalist congress of socialist youth, chooses havana as its meeting place. delegates are from the united states. china. canada and russia. and the following year, castro announces, i am a marxist-leninist and will be until the day i die. castro wins the lenin peace prize in british guiana.
8:22 pm
chetty, jagan and wife had a strong communist party everywhere in latin. communism feeding on poverty ignorance and despair, seethes and prepares to explode. student demonstrations and riots. one of the favorite techniques to prepare the way communist takeover are ordered from moscow in montevideo, uruguay. communist protests. the visit of president eisenhower of the united states. in caracas, venezuela. president nixon is mobbed and is cast owned by communists. and. red riots. shake japan to forestall the visit of president eisenhower on the signing of the american japanese peace treaty.
8:23 pm
throughout, the noncommunist world. again and again. orders from moscow violence interrupts to an effort in the middle east. and in europe. in supposed neutral yugoslavia. in france. but in the communist world, the demonstration are quite different. despite the infamous berlin wall, a constant stream refugees proves to the world that communism has never been the free choice of people anywhere. and.
8:24 pm
this is a grim tug of war. east german police try to pull this woman back to captivity.
8:25 pm
she finds freedom. others find death death. khrushchev insists the soviet state, has not ruled and does not intend to rule anyone. impose our way of life upon. well, khrushchev best for lenin. stalin mao zedong and castro. and as it must be for all communists. words are one thing. actions another communists. conspiracy is a deliberate and predictable plan of action to subvert the world. a startling story from lenin in 1914 with 13 followers to the present, with 1 billion people under the control of a comparative handful of communists in the soviet union itself, only 5% of the people are members of the party. a communist philosophy that end justifies the means has caused pain out of all proportion to
8:26 pm
the pitiful social progress communism has achieved, and yet it has spread at a fantastic speed and demonstrated a frightening vitality by two primary reasons. i think. first, it has duped well-meaning people everywhere into thinking that it provided an answer to the economic and social problems of the world. second, it has not hesitated use force wherever possible to impose on unwilling people and to hold them in abject subjugation. what can we do in face of this communist threat? well, for one thing, we can, by example let the people of the world know that the way free men provides a sure, happier answer for their problems and the outdated coercive doctrines. karl marx. that freedom and not communism is doctrine of the future. we must remain strong so that we can never be blackmailed by men like khrushchev and mao, and so that we can uphold the hopes of
8:27 pm
the captive people. if, as the communists say, over and over again, war is inevitable, then it is sheer folly for us not to make every conceivable political, economic, military and cycle logical preparation to win. no one knows what the end of the story be. that's up to you.
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